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Are you in search of someone who can offer you the finest PPC service? If yes, then get in touch with us as we are known to be the best PPC service providers not just in Mullanpur but in the entire India. Before going into the topic, we would like to tell you more about the PPC service. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. In this service, you will be charged when a potential customer clicks an ad. You will not have to pay for someone just seeing your ad on Google. Talking about the charges, it is totally dependent on the competition on the keyword that you choose. That’s why being the best PPC service providing company we assure you that you will be charged genuinely and reasonably. Not just prices but we also take care of the position of your ad by making sure that the ad is ranked in the first three positions of Google. Our PPC company is not just Well renowned in Ludhiana but also in India. We have been tagged as the finest PPC company in Mullanpur by our clients. 

We offer the finest advertisements at an affordable cost. If you want to meet your business goals, it would be better to satisfy us.

Best PPC Company in Mullanpur

Established in 2009 Bangaree Infotech Solutions have a team of the best professional in the field of SEO, SMO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Website Designing, Software, Mobile APP, Web Applications providing services in Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Canada.

If you are a business owner and want to give your brand a whole new huge exposure on the internet you can submit the enquiry form on the right to speak with one of our PPC experts. If you are looking to validate our claims, just go through our PPC case studies or read reviews to know what our clients have to say about us.

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    who we are

    Why We are Best PPC Company in Mullanpur, Punjab


    Our PPC service Mullanpur is famous for our PPC Marketing Services mostly Google AdWords Management Services for various Industries like Heavy machinery’ Hotels, Education institutes, financial products, and Political and social campaigns.

    Our team of PPC specialists offers services that are written below:

    • Planning PPC campaign from the beginning which also includes website design & development
    • Prepare the Landing page as per the PPC Keywords selection to enhance the Quality Score.
    • Ensuring good quality ROI according to Geographical Location.
    • Proper research of keywords for each ad group.
    • Defining Bid for specific keywords according to the market area.
    • Maintaining an amazing ROI for every campaign or account.
    • PPC Bid Management.

    Location Targeting

    Location targeting allows you to focus your advertising in those areas where you will be finding the right potential customers and restricts the area where you have a chance to find them. This results in an increase in your ROI. In our PPC service in Mullanpur, we include complete research about the location and based on the report we create campaigns. We either target some states or some specific cities and sometimes by selecting a radius around a location.

    A/B Testing

    It is the finest way to find out the best and the most effective online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. In this testing, we compare two versions of a single variant and this helps us to choose the higher-performing variant. Without A/B testing one can not start a good PPC. That’s very important.

    Search Advertising


    Product Listing Ads

    Social Advertising

    Display Advertising

    Mobile Advertising

    Lead Based Marketing

    Amazon Ads

    Define PPC services?
    PPC Services can be defined as Online paid sales promos that concentrate the targeted audience and direct them to the landing page of the website which is shown as a small box on a search site. Whenever someone clicks on a box, charges are triggered which the advertiser has to pay. This is an instant way to get quick sales.
    Why are PPC Services important?
    When it comes to the world of digital marketing, PPC has a special place. It is an extremely effective business-oriented tool through which you can direct the viewers to your website instantly. In fact, PPC is one of the most promising ideas to boost business growth. Business power can see instant results and make a distinct impact on visitors who land on organic sites through the click. It creates a big image of the brand making it look genuine and reputed. Through this service, you will be getting huge exposure on the internet that's why you can meet your business goals easily.
    • Most of your conversion goals can be effortlessly measured through AdWords along with Google Analytics.
    • It allows you to check campaign status as well as boost performance on impressions, clicks, and conversions.
    • You can keep track of the nature of traffic and search results.
    • Your complete spendings are displayed using Google Analytics on PPC traffic.
    • You can target a new category of people.
    • You have the liberty to make your own way to the target audience using keywords.
    • You can have the advantage of budget allocation using your own bid value.
    • You can pause or stop your ad at any time.
    • You can set your targeting methods on cost per click.
    • With the help of Geotargeting, you can reach potential customers easily.
    • You can take the help of a built-in keyword planner and display planner tools.
    You should take the help of PPC to grow your business even if your website is having a good search engine ranking as through PPC we can do remarketing which is not an option in SEO. Let's take a case where a customer has come through organic results to our website and has not materialized any sales or conversions, though PPC we can retarget that visitors as well.
    How costly are PPC services?
    There is no fixed price that you have to pay, the prices depend on the flexibility of an individual ad auction. Depending on your Quality score ranking, you can bid an appropriate amount. This is how it works, the higher the scoring. lower the cost of PPC. Generally, the average cost of a PPC service is nearly Rs. 25-30K per month.
    What are Google Adwords for?
    It is a service portal account where the creation of advertisements take place with the help of suitable and vital keywords. Bids are also placed here to pursue them upfront but for that, an advertiser has to deposit some amount in an Adwords account to avail of the service. The advertiser can check the details of the ad through his/her own Adwords account. The quality score influences your bidding rank a lot.
    Do I need to pay for services rendered by the search engine?
    PPC is a very different and unique concept for it places your ad over above the organic search. You are charged when someone clicks on the ad. The potential audience will be seeing the ad on the top of search of their personal interest increases the chances of lead generation.
    Where are advertisements shown and how do they look?
    The ads are placed on the top of the organic search results of a search engine. These ads are very vibrant, pictorial boxes which are very attractive. When someone clicks on the ad, he/she will land on the website. Google will trace the location of viewers by using cookies and IP address and this lets you target the same viewer.
    What ads do I prefer in Google Adwords?
    If you want the best ROI substitutes then the option of text ads should be preferred because they are very cost-effective in search & shopping campaigns. Rhe budget can be greater when it comes to Display campaigns that can generate greater clicks at less cost but ROI wouldn't be that good as compared to that of Search/Shopping Campaign for the intent is low in Display Campaign.
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