On 18th august 2022, Google Launched a System Called Helpful Content Update. This System checks the quality of every Website content. Whenever We Publish content on our website, the major purpose of most SEOs is to rank in search results and Google know this very well. But whenever we write content based on Google search result, it is often not useful for users, for real humans.

So Google wants to punish such website through this update which only and only for search engines, that is for Google, write their content for the purpose of ranking search result and adding keywords and using captions or attributes in it in such a way that they cam rank better. But they never check, how it is useful for users. Through this helpful content update, Google wants to give message that your content should be for the people and by the people.

Now here is a very important thing that this Helpful content update is a site-wide ranking signal. This is not a penalty, that is if Google detects that there is helpful content on your 500 pages and there is no helpful content on 500 pages Then the rank of the pages with unhelpful content will also ranking will be down and the rank of those pages will also be down which are helpful because this a site wide ranking Signal. This means that you need to check the content of all the pages of your website very briefly.

Whenever the helpful content system affects a website, its rank and its position is slowly going down that’s why it gets a little tough to recognize this ranking again. But if you recognize that the helpful content system has been affected on your website. Then you should remove all the unhelpful content from your website and after that, you have to keep one thing in mind that your website rank will not come suddenly. This is a weighted signal. That’s why as you remove unhelpful content from your website. Your website’s rank will come back over the course of months. it can take Several months but your website’s rank will come back.

On 15th September, Google has launched an update in the helpful content system. One of the most important things in it is third party content. If you publish the content of a third party website or third-party publisher on your main website or if there is a sub domain of your website. Where you publish content of any other website you are publishing syndicated content or if you have given your sub domain to any other website for the purpose of ranking. So on such website, the helpful content system is going to strike very fast.

So Google’s advice here is either you remove such pages, such content from your website and sub-domains which is unhelpful or you no-index all such content. If you don’t want to remove the unhelpful content published on your website immediately or you can’t remove it due to any financial or legal reason so if you mark it as no-index. Remove it from Google’s index. Then this helpful content system will not affect your website and the rank of your website will gradually come back.



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