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New Report: Menu Items and Business Activity Influence Google Local Ranking

According to a report, specific details about menu items and the relative busyness of businesses may play a role in Google’s local ranking signals. Here’s a summary of the findings:

Menu Items:

  • Businesses that provide detailed information about their menu items may rank better in local searches. This means listing all dishes, ingredients, prices, and special offers. So if you add “Margarita” to your menu items in Google Business Profiles, Google may rank you for [Margarita] searches.
  • This is particularly relevant for restaurants and cafes, where detailed menus can help attract more customers and improve visibility.

Busier Businesses:

  • Google may use the busyness of a business, often measured by foot traffic or customer check-ins, as a signal for local rankings.
  • Businesses that appear busier or have more customer interactions might be considered more popular or relevant, potentially boosting their local search rankings.

These signals are part of Google’s effort to provide users with the most relevant and helpful local search results. The inclusion of such data can help Google understand the popularity and relevance of a business within its local context.



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