How Does Googlebot Interact With HSTS/307s?

How Does Googlebot Interact With HSTS/307s?

Well, in brief, it does not interacts with them. 307 redirects are simply not the real redirects. So what it the means that? when you build a HTTPS site, you can alternatively use the HSTS. HSTS notified the users to only grasp the HTTPS version of the webpage. So, whenever the user step into a URL or clicks on a the hyperlink that would otherwise goes to HTTP, the browser remember HSTS and generally moves directly to the HTTPS version.

To make it clear what’s going on, it shows like there was a redirect Chrome causes a 307 redirect. So if you use the Chrome Browser, and you see a 307 result code with a tool, it’s not really there. When it comes to Googlebot, we try to crawl URLs with a fresh slate. So we could not keep the HSTS lists and instead, just directly enter the HTTP URL. If that URL redirects, typically which is the case with an HTTP and HTTPS website, we would follow that. Googlebot doesn’t see the 307 that you had see in a browser.



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