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Starting soon, Business Profiles chat and call history features will be phased out

Google has announced that they will be retiring the chat and call history features in Google Business Profile on July 31, 2024. While this change may seem challenging, it comes as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to improve and streamline their tools to better serve businesses and their customers.

Key Information:

  • Chat Conversations: Starting July 15, 2024, new chat conversations will no longer be initiated via Google Business Profile. Existing chat conversations will be notified of this change.
  • Full Phase-Out: By July 31, 2024, chat functionality will be completely discontinued, and call history will no longer be accessible in Google Business Profile.

Impact on Your Business:

Despite these changes, your customers will still be able to find and connect with your business through Google Search and Maps. Important business information such as website links, descriptions, photos, and more will continue to be displayed, ensuring customers can easily reach you.

Actions to Take:

  1. Download Records: Preserve your chat and call history by downloading these records via Google Takeout before the July 31 deadline.
  2. Alternative Communication Channels: If you have ongoing chat conversations with customers, consider transitioning them to other chat platforms to maintain seamless communication.
  3. Maximize Other Features: Continue leveraging Google Business Profile to receive calls and track other engagement metrics, such as web traffic and directions requests, to keep your business thriving.

Google remains committed to supporting your business by ensuring that Google Search and Maps continue to be powerful tools for customer engagement and discovery.

For more detailed information and assistance, please refer to Google’s official communications regarding this update.



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