Can I request re-indexing of everything in site?

Unfortunately No, There is currently no way to trigger a recrawl and reprocessing of a whole website all at once. when you make major changes on a website, search engines will generally update those automatically over time. There’s nothing additional that you have to do.

However, there are some good practices to keep in mind. In particular,

1. Changes
If you change a page’s address or URL, then use redirects from the old to the new address.

2. Remove
If you remove pages, make sure your server returns a correct 404 or 410 status code.

3. Add
If you add new pages, make sure they’re linked from within your existing website. If they’re important, then link to them from other important pages.

4. Important info
If you have changes like anew phone number, then list that on existing important pages as well. Important pages tend to be checked more often by search engines and will update faster.

5. Use sitemaps!
Use sitemaps most websites support these by default so you might not need to do anything special.



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