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HTTP to HTTPs – Why we need and how to implement

1. What is HTTPS
Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, which is the primary protocol used to send data between a web browser and a website. HTTPS is encrypted in order to increase security of data transfer. This is particularly important when users transmit sensitive data, such as by logging into a bank account, email service, or health insurance provider.

Any website, especially those that require login credentials, should use HTTPS. In modern web browsers such as Chrome, websites that do not use HTTPS are marked differently than those that are. Look for a green padlock in the URL bar to signify the webpage is secure. Web browsers take HTTPS seriously; Google Chrome and other browsers flag all non-HTTPS websites as not secure.

2. Why HTTPS?

#data integrity

3. Why we use HTTPS?
One of the main benefits of HTTPS is that it adds security and trust. It protects users against man-in-the-middle attacks that can be launched from compromised or insecure networks. Hackers can use such techniques to steal your customer’s sensitive information.

4. HTTPS browser features

# geolocation
# auto-fill for forms
# camera
# progressive web apps (pwa)
# push notifications
# caching

5. How to migrant from HTTP to HTTPS

# set up your https site
# verify in google search console
# test extensively
– avoid mixed content <img src=”https://…>
– check internal linking <a href=”https://…>
– check hidden references <link rel=canonical href=”https://…>
# redirect all URLs
# Change your HTTP links To HTTPS.
http url——————————–>https url

# moniter in google search console
# set up HSTC (HTTP Strict Transport Security)
for this change we have to change in the server. So, that browser automatically loads the HTTPS url not HTTP ones



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